Much of the work with adults is about raising discussions through forums and meetings, providing volunteering opportunities, celebrating culture through our events, and making social change.

The adult’s forums have connected the community with policy makers, local businesses and industry professionals over the years to raise the profile of issue and ideas our members have. Previous topics have covered health and wellbeing, business and employment.

The most recent event ‘Our lives matter, your views count – COVID-19 and COVID Vaccination event’ discussed the impact of the COVID- 19 pandemic on our community and gave a platform to discuss the COVID vaccination and any concerns around it.  Other events such as our Windrush Roadshow have shed light on the issues the Caribbean community and generations have come across over the years.

If you are interested joining some of our coming forum discussions, please contact 01332 371 529 and ask for the project manager, Charis Betts or send an email to: