Virtual Derby Caribbean Carnival 2021

Derby Caribbean Carnival is scheduled to take place on Sunday 18th July 2021, while we hoped to have a face-to-face carnival, it will have to be a virtual carnival again. Further details will be announced shortly.

How to get involved in Derby Caribbean Carnival 2021?

The Derby West Indian Community Association has overall responsibility for the organising, planning and preparation of the Derby Caribbean Carnival.

However, we do have a Carnival Planning Committee who helps with the preparation and planning of the event. In this respect volunteers are needed for many different areas of carnival such as carnival design and make workshops to help with cutting out and sewing, marshals to help on procession day and on the Park, float dressing and decoration and many other areas.

If you feel that you would like to volunteer your services to help out during the carnival period then please contact the Association.

History of the Derby Caribbean Carnival

The Derby Caribbean Carnival is an annual arts, culture and recreational project/event planned and organised by the Derby West Indian Community Association.

The Derby Caribbean Carnival has been going for many years and in fact started out as a small festival in 1975 being held at Moorways Sports Centre where members of the community came together to organise various activities in order to raise funds. Although the carnival is organised by the DWICA, we work collaboratively with other organisations and interested parties to programme and deliver the event.

It was not until 1986 when we began to put much more emphasis on the carnival when we employed a worker for Caribbean Focus 1986. From here on in the carnival became a much bigger venture, attracting much more interest not just from the East Midlands region but nationally.

Originally the carnival was held over one day on a Saturday but in 1998 we tried a new approach whereby the carnival was held over two days with the procession taking place on the Saturday and events, such as stage show with internationally acclaimed artists, fun fair, beer tent, sound systems, arts and craft stalls, food stalls (selling Caribbean as well as European foods) being held on Osmaston Park on the Sunday. This proved to be very successful and since then the carnival has been held over a two day period.

Over the years most of the funding has been provided by the organisation itself but we have been fortunate in the past to also have received funding from Arts Council (East Midlands), in kind support from Derby City Council, although more recently we have received infra-structure cost from the Derby City Council. We have been sponsored by Derbyshire Building Society, Rolls Royce, Western Union and Midland Mainline to name just a few.

During the carnival period we can attract as many as150 volunteers to help in areas such as the organising of the carnival, carnival workshops, carnival queen show, marshalling duties both on the procession day and on carnival day as well as doing other duties. We are very grateful to these volunteers who take time out of their day to help with this activity which is integral to the work of the organisation.

We feel that the carnival costume workshops provide an opportunity for the professional facilitators to pass on the skills of costume making to both young and old, in order that they can then start to take over the running of the costume workshops.

Derby Virtual Caribbean Carnival 2020

Looking back over the last 45 years of DWICA’s Derby Caribbean Carnival. Celebrating the achievements of African Caribbean Arts & culture in Derby city.


00:00​ Introduction 0:22​ Statement from DWICA Chairman 3:28​ Justice for Shukri Abdi –…​ petition link 5:00​ Designing King & Queen Carnival Costumes – a behind the scenes look at the process of creating king & Queen costumes for Derby Carnival 2006 -2019 10:10​ Stacey J Pepper DJ set & Cultural Roots Carnival Troupe (CRCT) workshop 10:17​ Drama youth workshop raising awareness for knife crime – Saltmine Production 1:00:53​ 40 years of Derby Carnival 1:35:39​ Release D Riddim DJ Set & Carnival Competition (disclaimer competition closed any text & calls made to this number will be charge) 2:29:48​ 2020 Interviews with former Derby Carnival Queens and children 2:54:10​ Cultural Roots Carnival Troupe (CRCT) social distancing dance choreography 3:12:20​ Interviews with former Derby Carnival Queens, children and volunteers who helped with carnival 3:21:33​ Interview with renowned Carnival Designer Jessica 3:43:16​ International artists who have performed at Derby Caribbean Carnival over the years 4:08:30​ 1993 Queen Show 5:20:38​ Closing Statement from Maureen

Derby Caribbean Carnival Pictures Through the Years

2018 Carnival

Photos captured from the 2018 Caribbean Carnival. With a specific theme of 'Inspirational Journeys, Celebrating Windrush 70th Anniversary'.

2017 Carnival

Photos captured from the 2017 Caribbean Carnival. With a specific theme of 'Family and Community'.


*All images and content Copyright © Ashley Franklin Photography
2015 Carnival

Photos captured from the 2015 Caribbean Carnival. With a specific theme of 'Family and Community'.

2014 Carnival

Photos captured from the 2014 Caribbean Carnival. With a specific theme of 'Family and Community'.

2013 Carnival

Photos captured from the 2013 Caribbean Carnival. With a specific theme of 'Explosion of Cultures'.