The Windrush scandal has been one of the biggest political and cultural events for the Caribbean community in the United Kingdom. Many immigrants who arrived in England as children and British subjects found restrictions in services available and often times deportations back to the West Indies. The result of this saw the tearing apart of families and an outcry at the injustices in the system which would allow this to happen.

As soon as the news broke, DWICA was at the forefront of providing its cohort with vital information and advocating for a fairer process. The Centre played host to a number of national meetings on the topic in 2019. Alongside this, the organisation made many efforts to give those affected by the scandal the correct registration forms for complaints and compensation.

Thankfully, the scandal allowed the Home Office and the wider British society to have a reckoning of the nation’s treatment of sections of the Caribbean community. Since then, the government has enacted a number of reparations for those effected by the scandal. The latest of which has been the Windrush Compensation Scheme which will end on the 2nd April 2023.

Windrush Compensation Scheme

More details to be announced shortly.