DWICA Youth Club 2019 Poster

Youth club is a two hour weekly activity aimed at children and young people between the ages of 8-16. The programme includes participants to take part in the Arts Awards (BRONZE up to GOLD) a national qualification from Acts Council England
To achieve a Bronze Arts Award, young people collect evidence in an individual arts log or portfolio of their experiences of:

▪ actively participating in any art form

▪ at least one arts event and their review of that event

▪ researching the career and work of an artist or craftsperson

▪ passing on an arts skill

The Youth Club has enabled the DWICA to attract a diverse range of young people from multi-cultural backgrounds from marginalised community groups that would not normally have access to youth provisions. Forming new links with community groups such as the Slovak Roma group offers a potential youth exchange in the future.

Our young people developed basic life skills covering the following areas:

  • Cooking on a budget sessions. – Homemade pizza, Milkshake Mayhem, cakes & fruit smoothes for Healthy Eating.
  • Crazy Science. – Experiments creating a matter from solids to fluids & homemade larva lamps.
  • Listening Skills. – Drawing in pairs, following instructions to music.
  • Problem solving. – ‘What if Game’ social dilemma’s. Yes or No/ True or False.
  • Communication Skills. – Expressing & forming opinions.
  • Group Work. Construction tasks and competitions.
  • Leadership skills. – Beat the Pyramid, build the house of cards.
  • Research & presentation Skills. – Mohammad Ali youth lead presentations.
  • Great debates. – Order of importance: 10 pictures refugee to president, discuss why?
  • Social & Global issues. – Current Affairs in the media & celebrity world.
  • Internet Safety. – Social media & perceptions.
  • Mental Health issues. – Feelings and moods & feel good factors.
  • Bullying. – School experiences, support networks and assertiveness.